Sonder Scheme Membership

On-demand, up-to-date AI research, insights and education

The Sonder Scheme Membership

Grow your AI leadership capabilities

Our Membership is a great way to stay current with the latest and greatest in AI.

  • Learn about AI in an effective, non-technical way
  • Stay up-to-date on the frontier of AI research
  • Keep current on how the leading companies are using AI, the best use cases and the most concerning abuses
  • Dig deep on AI design, ethics and governance

Research & Insights

Up-to-date, expert AI market advisory

Our membership keeps you current on on the business and technology of AI including:

  • Monthly “State of AI” updates from the frontier of artificial and human intelligence research
  • Monthly “AI need-to-know” research reports, slide decks and webinars
  • Quarterly “Investor’s guide to emergent AI” research
  • Resource kits: human-centered AI design, ethics and governance (coming in 2020)


Instruction for novices and experts alike

Our membership also includes two important courses: an AI Masterclass to get you up-to-speed quickly and thoroughly and an AI Innovation Workshop Training that gives a business leader the tools to run a full AI strategy workshop.

AI Masterclass:

  • The best way to learn about AI business leadership
  • 5+ hours of instructional videos and context-rich content
  • A downloadable AI toolkit with dozens of exercises and resources to use individually or with your team
  • Practical guidance on what to do as you develop your leadership skills and knowledge around AI
  • Taught by AI experts whose last AI research and training business was bought by a major media company!

AI Innovation Workshop Training Course:

  • A digital version of our AI innovation strategy workshop “in-a-box”
  • Everything you need to run a full-day workshop and, at the end, have a prioritized roadmap of AI opportunities that you can start implementing immediately, in an ethical-first way.
  • Video and written instructions for the day, with examples
  • Posters for effective design thinking-style collaboration
  • All the templates you need to capture the details
  • Tools to capture metrics that matter once the workshop is done

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