Sonder Scheme Membership

On-demand, up-to-date AI research, education and tools for human-centered AI 

The Sonder Scheme Membership

Grow your AI leadership capabilities

Our Membership is a great way to excel as an AI designer and stay current with the latest and greatest in AI.

  • Learn about AI in an effective, non-technical way
  • Use our AI Design System to develop human-centered AI
  • Stay up-to-date on the frontier of AI research
  • Keep current on how the leading companies are using AI, the best use cases and the most concerning abuses
  • Dig deep on AI design, ethics and governance

AI Design System

Design thinking toolkit for human-centered AI

We’ve extended the traditional human-centered design process to provide a system for designing AI that learns and changes over time, has agency to act an an ethical way and can be taught and managed over time. Our AI Design System includes a broad, design thinking-style toolkit for individual and group use, organized in bits (individual exercises) and bytes (multi-step processes) that focus on delivering measurable outcome for you and your organization. Our system takes you from discovering what human needs can be met by AI to defining new roles for humans and machines to determining what outcomes you want to directing a machines ethics to developing and delivering AI solutions and disciplining or governing those AI solutions in the wild. 

Learn about AI

Instruction for novices and experts alike

Our membership includes our AI Masterclass to get you up-to-speed quickly and thoroughly on how AI works, how it’s impacting our world, how to design human-centered AI and how to lead an AI-enabled organization.

  • Hours of instructional videos and context-rich content
  • Continuous updates to make sure our Masterclass stays at the frontier of AI design
  • A downloadable AI toolkit with dozens of exercises and resources to use individually or with your team
  • Practical guidance on what to do as you develop your leadership skills and knowledge around AI
  • Taught by AI experts whose last AI research and training business was bought by a major media company!

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