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Human-centered AI design, education and ethics.

Yes! All of our workshops, speeches, classes can be delivered remotely.
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Speaking & Workshops

We speak on the AI topic that people want to engage in most — understanding the human experience of AI.

We explain how AI works, why it matters, how humans shape AI and how AI affects companies, us as individuals, and society as a whole. Bring us on-site for a day or an intense week of energizing, immersive learning on the future of humans in the age of AI.

Learn. Design. Lead.

Our digital membership is all-inclusive, research-based content, consisting of courses, toolsets and expert insights. 

Take our AI masterclass for a fast-paced, easy-to-understand course for non-programmers. Use our AI Design System to create human-centered ethical AI. Stay up-to-date on the frontier of AI technology and use cases through our insights and research for AI leaders. 

Join the Sonder Scheme community for a time-efficient way to gain the knowledge you need to lead your organization in the age of AI. 

AI course on artificial intelligence

Artificiality Newsletter

Artificiality is our weekly free newsletter which focuses on artificial intelligence in the wild and how AI is making and breaking our world.

Artificial intelligence is like human intelligence – fallible. Counterintuitive, unexplainable and just plain bad outcomes are never far away, no matter the good intentions of people.

Artificiality is an up-to-the-minute discussion on the AI ethical issues of today.

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