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Learn. Strategize. Accelerate.

Artificial intelligence is a strategic imperative. It is rapidly creating industry leaders, amplifying any digital advantage. Front runners will benefit disproportionately, doubling their cash flows by 2030 while non-adopters will see a 20% decline.

Leaders already know that managing AI is different because it’s a new way of interacting with technology. AI learns and acts on its own. This new form of intelligence needs a new form of leadership.

At Sonder Scheme, we help companies learn, strategize and accelerate their business using artificial intelligence. We do this by combining the cutting edge of AI knowledge with proven design thinking techniques and the top strategy consulting methods. Let’s co-create your next AI innovation!


Level-set your entire team with our business-focused AI education. We teach people what they need to know to manage the business systems of the future; where humans and learning machines collaborate.


Rapidly strategize how AI can increase revenue, decrease costs or decrease risk in your business using our unique AI innovation workshops for developing a roadmap of actionable opportunities.


Ensure success with our all-in accelerator system for on-going learning, prototype development, responsible AI design, algorithmic governance and technical management.

Empower your leaders for the future of work by learning about artificial intelligence

Do you want to learn about artificial intelligence but don’t know where to start? Is AI important but you don’t think you have time to learn about it?

Our AI courses provide you everything you need to know to be an AI business leader, to develop human-centered AI and to govern AI in the workplace. This is the best and most time efficient way to gain the knowledge you need to lead your organization in the age of AI. 

Bring us onsite for an intense week of AI courses and leadership training. Or learn at your own pace through our online AI course with instructional videos and a downloadable toolkit with exercises for you and your team. Continue to learn from new research and insights added every month to keep you at the frontier of AI leadership. 

AI course on artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence innovation workshops

Accelerate your business in the age of artificial intelligence.

Our AI services are the fastest, most cost-effective way to accelerate your AI strategy and execution. 

Start by developing an artificial intelligence strategy with our AI innovation workshop to bring your team together on the best and most important AI opportunities—near-term and long-term, big and small. Then develop an AI governance program to assure best execution on behalf of your customers, employees and shareholders. Finally, use our AI design sprint to test and evaluate prototypes, using the best of human-centered design principles combined with AI expertise.

The result? Accelerated learning, superior strategic planning, lightning-fast prototyping and testing and the tools to make AI work for your business now and in the future. 

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