Our Process for Ethical AI

Governance by Design

At Sonder Scheme, we have designed a broad yet comprehensive AI governance process:

  • Stage 1: Learn and set scope
  • Stage 2: Ethical AI design standards
  • Stage 3: AI project risk assessment
  • Stage 4: Implementation

In the first stage, we help level set; educating and training everyone. We define current company values in an AI- relevant way help teams set accountabilities at the right level in the company.

The second stage is setting ethical design standards that will guide development. Design standards include:

  • User need, why AI?
  • Data collection
  • Optimizing algorithms
  • Fairness
  • Mental model design
  • Explainability and transparency
  • Trust, context and intent
  • Feedback and control
  • Error testing and design for failure

The third stage is to assess risk. With more than 140 criteria across 9 risk categories, our risk screen runs vertically from high-level decisions to the details of AI development.

  • Management
  • Team
  • Design
  • Data, Analysis, Build, Operate
  • Explainability
  • Fairness and Inclusion
  • Safety
  • Compliance & Competition
  • Accountability
  • Safety

We’ve wrapped this up into a flexible and customizable tool for evaluating AI risks and setting key aspects of governance review such as standards and thresholds.

The fourth phase concerns learning: both of humans and machines. Our implementation stage embeds AI governance design across the organization.

  • Risk (re)assessment process
  • Data management, archiving &
  • traceability
  • Exception management
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Failure and crisis management
  • Learning cycle review

As AI diffuses through our entire economy and across all societies, there are few areas of corporate governance that are more important than governance for AI.


Let's talk about how we can help you create a governance system for ethical AI.

Learn more in our Ethical Artificial Intelligence white paper

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