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Why AI?

An introduction to why AI matters

Over the course of an hour, we explain the power of AI and trace why AI has been instrumental in creating the most powerful companies of our time — Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. We explain how AI has fundamentally altered competition and detail why that matters for all companies, today. We demystify how AI impacts jobs, how it exacerbates inequality and how it can perpetuate bias and discrimination. Finally we wrap up with ideas about what you and your audience can do about both the opportunities and threats that AI brings.

How Machines Learn

An introduction to how AI works

Over the course of a two-hour session, we explain, in simple, non-technical language, how machines learn. We de-jargonize complex AI terms and make them easy to understand. We describe the most important types of AI and where they are most commonly found. We explain the frontiers — where the research is going and what breakthroughs are needed. Finally, we wrap up  with important ways that humans control AI and leave audiences with a clear understanding of what human control means in AI.

AI and Your Inner Self

AI is fundamentally disrupting our privacy

In this one-hour session, we disrupt the traditional view the audience has of privacy. We describe how a new type of intelligence is interacting with us, forcing us to think differently about privacy. We detail how, instead of the inputs — what information we volunteer — we have to think of the outputs — what inferences are made about us. We explain how AI is alien in its knowledge about us, and how passive and unavoidable data collection can be used to track and infer our inner states, giving away our doubts and hesitations. We explore where these are used to budget us to alternate ends. We thread many privacy-related themes together to end with audience insights into AI’s role in denying us the right to explore, change, make mistakes and grow.

AI and our Biased Society

AI is biased because it learns from data about the world and the world is biased.

In this one hour session, we explain how data bias impacts AI. We explain how data reflects human bias and how this presents in the data, as well as how AI algorithms amplify bias. We explain fairness and how fairness metrics can conflict. We explain why it’s vital to have diversity in AI, and give multiple, concrete examples of where bias in AI has caused harm. Finally, we close with the promise of AI done well — reducing human bias and increasing inclusivity.

AI and the Human Frontier

A deep dive into the technical frontiers of AI and human neuroscience, psychology and AI research

 In this session, we explain the emerging fields that cross-pollinate ideas from AI and aim to help us understand humans and AI as different, but complementary, intelligences. We outline how researchers are teaching AIs to learn more like humans — generalizing from sparse data as a child learns — or to make decisions more like humans do — “system 1” fast versus “system 2” slow. And we take insights from algorithms and show how these are used to understand how humans think. We stretch your audience’s minds and expand how they can think about intelligence and their own conscious experience while educating them on the scientific frontiers of AI — causality, context and control.

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Learn about AI business

The one-day masterclass maximizes efficiency by accelerating the learning process. You’ll finish the day with a strong business-oriented understanding of AI. The class agenda includes:

  • What is AI?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How is it powering the largest companies in the world?
  • How does it work?
  • How does it go wrong?
  • What is human-centered AI?
  • How is AI shaping the future of work?
  • What does it mean for human skills?

All attendees also receive a one-year subscription to our online AI Accelerator program to keep them a the frontier of AI learning.


Learn to solve strategic problems with AI

The strategy roadmap workshop inspires attendees to solve new problems with the most innovative solutions.

During the workshop, the attendees will create a concrete, actionable list of AI opportunities within your organization—organized by priority and viability—and a clear roadmap for what to do next.

The strategy roadmap workshop guides your team through new problem identification, inspired by research and curated use cases. The agenda includes:

  • Learning through inspiration and leading edge use cases
  • Solution identification
  • Asset gap analysis
  • Idea prioritization
  • Roadmapping


Learn how to create ethical AI

AI governance is different. In order to deploy intelligent technologies with intelligent humans, systems for handling privacy, bias, ethics, equality, employment, competition and accountability need to be established at the beginning.

We’ll take you through the process of planning how to govern AI-enabled systems—from design to deployment. Our process focuses on helping you plan for systems that learn, adapt and change “in the wild” to users’ interactions.

Your governance system will include a clear set of management plans that you can use across your organization, accelerating progress, keeping people in the loop and ensuring decisions that were made don’t backslide.


Learn how to design human-centered AI

Our one-of-a-kind AI design workshop helps people design AI for humans. Our techniques combine the best of human-centered design with specific AI principles to empower your entire team—even non-technical team members—to be AI designers.

You’ll spend time focusing on your best business opportunities, the key user problems that need solving, identifying whether AI is the right solution and delving into the specifics of an effective product design. 

You’ll also learn the 5 step process to design, prototype and validate AI products with users and establish a clear path forward. You’ll finish the day empowered to design the best in human-centered AI for your customers and employees.


Learn how to deploy and manage AI

Now that you have a strategy, a governance plan and a design methodology, it’s time to focus on implementing and managing. 

We’ll take you through the process of team building, organization and management—of both your humans and your machines. And we’ll take you through the process of launching your new AI-enabled system—from messaging to crisis management and on-going learning.

You’ll finish with a clear set of management, marketing, financial and operational guidelines that you can use for implementation across your organization.

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